Manuel L Segura

Welcome to my responsive web page, created in HTML, CSS, SCSS, and JavaScript. Here you will find a full resume of my skill-set. I am proficient in Web-Development and many aspects of System, and Data Analysis. Feel Free to contact me for any further information.

As you can see, the web page is responsive enough to fully adapt to the size of any window; making it interactive on all platforms. It uses Javascript integrated with CSS, and SCSS for visual and interactive effects. Try clicking on one of the categories below to uncover more information.


I am trained in fundamental programming skills in various languages, such as : JAVA script, JAVA, REACT, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Python, SQL and C++. I am trained in the following text editing software: Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, and PyCharm.


I am currently enrolled at Austin Community College, where I am pursuing a degree in their computer science program. I have studied computer science independently for years, and now have various online certifications along with completed computer science college credits.

Current Employment

I am currently employed at The Internal Revenue Service, Austin TX. I have full intimate knowledge of work-environment, expectations, system managment, culture, and ethics of the IRS. I have a fantastic track record of being fully reliable, punctual, responsible and easy to work with.

About Me

I love people and computers. I grew up learning about software applications from my dad at a young age. I have a passion for movies, music, and hiking. When I'm not programming I love to spend time with my freinds, playing the guitar, and getting to know people.

Contact Me

Contact me at my IRS work email: , I look forward to hearing from you.